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"Foursome walking on a crosswalk" 「横断歩道を歩く4人組」  Year : 2023  Acrilic on Laser cut panel  Size : 75x86cm


“ Il divin codino ”  「神々しいポニーテール」  Year : 2023  Acrilic on Laser cut panel  Size : 46x37cm

Who is that Hat ?


People act every day to dramatically experience themselves. Those moments and places pass tragically without anyone knowing them. This triangular hat transcends time and space, appearing in various scenes to show us the many pages of life. Precisely because of the anonymous character of the triangular hat, the message it conveys is powerful. Sometimes they become heroes, sometimes they are in places they have always wanted to go, sometimes they are in historical scenes and sometimes they simply show us the everyday things of life. We, the spectators, enter into this world and have different thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world as we watch the scene.


Le persone recitano ogni giorno per vivere drammaticamente se stessi. Quei momenti e quei luoghi passano tragicamente senza che nessuno li sappia. Questo cappello triangolare trascende il tempo e lo spazio, apparendo in varie scene per mostrarci le tante pagine della vita. Proprio per via del carattere anonimo del cappello triangolare, il messaggio che trasmette è di forte impatto. A volte diventano degli eroi, a volte si trovano in luoghi dove hanno sempre desideravamo andare, a volte si trovano in scene storiche e a volte ci mostrano semplicemente le cose quotidiane della vita. Noi, spettatori, entriamo nel mondo e, mentre guardiamo la scena, abbiamo diversi pensieri e sentimenti su noi stessi e sul mondo.


人は自分を劇的に生きるために毎日を演じている。その瞬間や場所は誰にも知られないまま、残酷に 過ぎ去ってしまうのだ。この三角帽子は時空を超えて、色んなシーンに現れて人生の色んなページを見せ てくれる。匿名性のある三角帽子だからこそ、そのメッセージにはインパクトが強く伝わってくる。時に はヒーローになったり、行きたかった場所、歴史的な場面に立ち会ったり、または人生の日常をもシンプ ルに見せてくる。それを観る僕らはその世界に入ったり、そのシーンを観ながら自分や世の中に対して色 んな想いや考えを抱くのだ。

Opere 2


Early Artworks

Acrylic painting

Oil panting/ Collage

Balancing Object

Shuhei Tominaga Cement Works

Cement Artworks

Abstract Cement painting

Shuhei Tominaga Santa Maria del Collage

Santa Maria del Collage

Series of collages and line drawings

of Italian landscapes.


Public Artworks

Public Arts


Bianco e Nero

Series of mix texture drawings

in Back and White

from Exhibition Fanatasia

Playing Things



Shuhei Tominaga 富永周平

Born in Rome , 24 August 1972

Graduated in Fine Arts (Painting), TAMA ART UNIVERSITY, Tokyo (1996)

Studied furniture design at ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN, Italy (1998)

Artist, Product designer (furniture and toy exc.), Art director & Producer, 

University Associate Professors

1992 – Exhibition “EYE & EAR” (Kawasaki)

1994 – Unit exhibition “Front and Back of Attitude” (Kawasaki)

1995 – Participated in the 4th NICAF International Contemporary Art Festival (Yokohama)

1995 – Solo exhibition “Shuhei Tominaga’s Exhibition” (Tokyo)

1995 – Installation at the head office of the Bank of Yokohama (Yokohama)

1995 – Exhibition “MATERIAL” with 6 works by Yajirobei (Tokyo)

1998 – Solo exhibition “Santa Maria del COLLAGE” (Tokyo)

1999 – Exhibition “poi poi nada” (Shizuoka)

2000 – Space work for the wine bar “VINO DELLA PACE” (Tokyo)

2005 – Solo exhibition “Santa Maria del COLLAGE 2005” (Tokyo)

2009 – Exhibition “Toys for Play” at the Eltz Toy Museum (Nagano)

2014 – Solo exhibition “Santa Maria del COLLAGE 2014” (Tokyo)

2015 – Created mosaic art for the entrance of Fukui Megumi Children’s School(Fukui)

2015 – Created fabric art for Fukui Megumi Children’s School (Fukui)

2018 – Produced the space for the Minami Aizu ‘Toy Railway Pinocchio Station’(Fukushima)

2021 – Art for the playground for Minami Aizu ‘Kitone’.(Fukushima)

2023 – Produced 8 pieces of wall art ‘Asobo’ for Fukui Megumi Children’s School(Fukui)

2023 – Participated in the music live festival Ohara Break with 7 opere (Inawashiro)

2023 – Solo exhibition “Who is that hat ? (A meeting of rock and soul people). ” (Aizu)

2023 – Selected in Kaya Art Competition 2023 (Nagano)

2024 – "Happy Art Hour" Parcus Gallery Munich branch (Munich/Germany)

2024 –  Affordable Art Fair Berlin 2024 (Berlin/Germany)

2024 –  Parcus Gallery Basel branch  (Basel/Switzerland)

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